Communications over the world wide doesnt depend on sytax or eloquence or rethoric or articulation but on the emotional context in which the message is being heard.
People can only hear you when they are moving toward you and they are not likely to when your wordss are pursuing them
Even the choices words lose their powe when they are used to overpower.
Attitudes are the real figures of speech '-Friedman

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bon Jovi — Home

Bon Jovi — Home

It was amazing to be able watch the concert in Cleveland in Live for all the world ! Bon Jovi is presenting his new Album with such great songs that it seems that they have worked out very deep in meaning of lyrics and a wonderful rythms . Everything seems a masterpiece , it shows excellence when inspirated lyrics according with free and high productions of all the instruments , drums ,acordeon , piano or keyboards , each one  has main part of the great job  the duels of guitarras , the bluessy style that Richie Sambora is exploding at maximun. They dynamic and harmony of the group spread this to the audience even the ones who  were watching on line, we could live , feel in live every gesture from John Bon Jovi with his timing , his smile, strenghs , energy , like a forever young but  I should say they take the responsability on their shoulder to keep alive and more than this to put in the highest standards of music performance  along 30 years of history and all the old songs never become old, I can say they seem more powerful with all this impact of evolution with artistic , technology but very well applied , not only to impress with lightings , there is nature talent that keeps the track on what they know and want , this show it is too important in these times that could have this kind of profile, the interest and feeling involved with the social issues , with the real life , it is more remarkable  to keep the soul, spirit and giving a message out of drama , giving hopes, emphasizing with real powerful positive words to reafirim , Yes We can , Yes it is all right , spreading strenghs and vibes so natural , no acting here all is integrated in a great message for everyone  keepping the esencials , what it s worthly respecting all beliefs and always Love , moving and touching hearts and souls flying to other place full of joy and real fun .
I have seen impressed the non stop of the concert , they didnt want to end , when he said i take you all to Columbus tomorrow , and  he and the band giving all like the unique concert , I have no words more than say Thank you so much for letting us to sharing this , and You are more outstanding than ever , there are no critics , only that you all give us an example  that always improving, evolving , creating ,facing the fears and troubles but  keeping the indentity and what You  have been made and built , in every place you go,  you are  loved , admired , respected, waited   for generations .Wish #Success  All the best ,   Keep the faith . ! Always ! These days and everydays ! Love  & Amen !

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