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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Data Centers Optimization .Challenges:Virtualization

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There is an industry-wide trend to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by improving data center operational efficiencies through server and storage consolidation. This results in better system utilization, application availability and, most importantly, cost savings in terms of both hardware and energy use.

For these reasons and others, virtualization technologies are being deployed to drive the efficiency and effectiveness of computing resources.
The movement toward virtualization is forcing enterprises to take a hard look at their data center architecture to ensure they have the automation, visibility and security controls in place to meet the needs of today’s demanding business applications. 
In addition to implementing new virtualization technologies, organizations are faced with needing to implement new IT organizational processes in order to extend their corporate IT systems to partners, and support new services and applications, such as cloud computing and smartphones. In this atmosphere, companies need to break down the traditional barriers that exist in the IT organization among the server, networking, storage and application teams as a first step to building the dynamic data center. 

IT organizations are facing a number of challenges as they build out their next generation data centers:
Decreasing budgets without loss of efficiency
Needing to dedicate 80% of IT budgets to key applications
Increased power and cooling costs
Maintaining application resiliency
Delivering the complete data center network requires unified management of the whole data center fabric, including network, servers, storage and applications. Unified management ensures the data center will have the high availability necessary for critical applications and business data, solving the major issues of today’s virtualized data center

One issue is the need for virtual machine (VM) mobility. IT administrators need to know how many VMs are on the network, when they were deployed 
and by whom. Discovering which resources were allocated to the VMs and what operating system images they are running becomes even more problematic. To make the provisioning and management of VMs efficient, inventory information must be integrated with network management. 

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