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Friday, May 30, 2014

Corruption, causes, consequences how to stop

Which are the main issues needs, expectations for social class in Argentina ¿?
Much has been said about , published , but the point is What really people need in general under this atmosphere mixed of reality and out of reach by a living life .
First of all , we are almost agree  comparing to other ages about the role of Corruption. How a Political Party , a Goverment can build something without considering the damage of this dangerous sympthom .
Corruption is not a  new Word , it is considered in the agenda of many goverments , companies along the history . But because of this , it has been naturalized  as  it  has been accepted as part of negotiations , as a way to do/grow business private an public , it becomes a really  need –It is the price  to pay , to be part of the system. --

Corruptionwhich is an important component of what is now called governanceis extremely inimical to economic growth and development . It leads to misallocation of resources, distorts labor markets, discourages investments, and alters income distribution. The myth that corruption helps markets bygreasing the wheels of commerce has been proven false. While it is true that a bribe may speed up one transaction, it creates incentives for more and higher bribes in previously bribe-free activities. In a remarkable study of bribery, Robert Wade (1985) shows that once bribes are introduced, bureaucracies redirect their attention from providing services to the public to maximizing bureaucrats illicit incomes.

Corruption is the root cause of all the evils, It is the only stumbling block in the way of the country becoming a superpower. It is the only and the ultimate reason why lakhs of poor people die without medicines and without proper treatment, why thousands die because of  hungry , violence and why millions remain uneducated, leading a life of misery and wretchedness. It is all because public money is looted directly or indirectly by those in positions of influence. All the right thinking citizens should unite and wage a war against this cancer of corruption

Corruption is a wake term to use per vision of accepting bribes, money, or just anything, called as corruption which is not normally acceptable by the society
Corruption can be stopped almost in its entirety.
Is "almost" not good enough?
Most people are taught honesty of a sort but if one grows up in a world where they must
really fight for what they need, then honesty and morals become teaching a child how to get what
they need to survive. That trumps honesty and morals. In fact, it would be dishonest and immoral to oneself
to not get what one needs to survive. In fact, survival is not an immoral endeavor although there are those who wish to make it so and keep it that way because they hold most of the cards needed to win over others.

Corruption does not affect all members of a society equally. The poor suffer relatively more from corruption in two ways. First, bribe payments may represent a higher percentage of their income than similar payments by the rich. In this sense, corruption acts as a regressive taxlower-income households carry a larger burden than higher-income ones. Second, corruption causes the delivery of public services, for example, health care and education, to deteriorate. Such a deterioration affects the poor more than the rich first, because they may have to pay a bribe to receive the services and second, because they depend more on such services. Corruption may also allow the rich to pay fewer taxes than required by law. This lowers the revenues of the state, further deteriorating the ability of the state to provide services for the poor. Studies confirm that corruption causes income distribution to worsen

Want to stop corruption? Get rid of the reasons for corruption. Get rid of the causes or reasons for committing crimes.
It isn't human nature to be criminal, corrupt, greedy, selfish and the kinds of elements we see in those who commit crimes.
Those are all different responses one can make and does make in the environment in which they live and which they appraise as to whether or not it is a friendly, supportive environment and will provide what they need to live.
If not, they will respond differently and how they respond is what is correct for them.
Let's eliminate the reasons for corruption.
People continually want "fair, just, honest, ethical" leaders which they will never get because the system is a corrupt and unjust system, by default, and cannot be fixed, meaning it can not be made just.
It has to be completely dismantled and a new and just system put into its place. If it has reasons to be corrupt it has to go until a just one is figured out and implemented. If there are no reasons to be dishonest, then there is no dishonesty because there is nothing to gain from it. Corruption and its other features only happens when there is something to gain.
The reason and cause is money. Get rid of money.
If you can't think that way, or imagine that, then start thinking that way until you find yourself finally crossing over and imagining a new world that is minus corruption. Build it.

How to build it : Education -Employment - Healthcare  they are the basis - and adjusting ,improving to the new and different ways of DEVELOPMENT & KNOWLEDGE - 


Recognizing that corruption is a serious obstacle to fighting poverty, many international and nongovernmental organizations since the latter half of the 1990s have been leading the fight to reduce corruption around the world. This fight focuses on three areas: civil societies in which the public plays a key role, a top-down commitment from the political leadership to fight corruption, and a proactive private sector that accepts its social responsibility to operate in a corruption-free manner. Countries that belong to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have accepted their responsibility in this fight by passing antibribery laws that prohibit their firms from paying bribes in other countries. These laws, however, are rarely strictly enforced.
It is difficult to assess the impact of global efforts to fight corruption. Stories of success tend to be anecdotal. If the ratings of TI are any indication, it will take several years before this fight has a significant impact on the extent of corruption around the world.
Other views and perspectives : Corruption by keeping the Poverty  - Corruption of the wealth and power - Meanwhile many can work out and sort all the barriers of nowdays .

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