Communications over the world wide doesnt depend on sytax or eloquence or rethoric or articulation but on the emotional context in which the message is being heard.
People can only hear you when they are moving toward you and they are not likely to when your wordss are pursuing them
Even the choices words lose their powe when they are used to overpower.
Attitudes are the real figures of speech '-Friedman

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. ~Hal Borland
New Year's eve is like every other night; there is no pause in the march of the universe...the attitude you create to face, live life depends only on us do you get the deepest thoughts to realize that Happiness is a state of mind , state of heart ,,how do you lead them to the inspiring thoughts and actions will fullfill your existance ,appreciatting the little things, moments, watching with perspectives, listenning with deep attention even the silly or trivial things can give you a meaning , a message ,,,just being possitive and let get out any anger , any bad thoughts cause reality is this , with positive and negative things ,only how you encourage yourself to feel always positive over the sad , any frustrations ,any worries , any fears , there is always a reason for smiling from inside .

I wish to Everyone to cheer up for your dreams and desires , never give up ,,
Don't ever let somebody tell you... You can't do something. Not even me. All right?
You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period.
HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE & PEACE

Israel denied the cease fire ,

Saddly, the proposal from Nations , were not accepted cause it was considered unrealistic. Israel is convinced that Hamas wont stop anyways and they are tired of the continouns attacks , in spite Hamas justifies that have low weapons, but they kill people since Isarel left Gaza , the attacks go on along 2 years now, in an interview to the minister of defense of Israel , Ehud Barak , he affirmed that they are making big efforts that this defense , no attack , it would not produce collateral damages , that innocent people are the victims in this , it is an attack against the militares forces Hamas.
This will not be a short operation and the poblation of Israel are ready , they want to put a real end to this situation of the continuous daily terrorists attacks . Because since Israel left Gaza 3 years ago it was supposed the peace ,but the attacks has been happenning from Hamas because they want more ,never is enough and any country of the world would be quiet if this happen.
Israel doesnt discard any other proposal , for the Peace , but might be a concrete proposal to put an end this group of extremists
In my opinion the International Human Rights and ONU would have to intervine the main issue , the root of this big problem is called Hamas , that of course other countries like Iran ( goverment of Iran) no the society , they want to use this situation as an excuse to attack Israel , providing weapons to Hamas .
my question is why a group like this , so obvious at the eyes of the world , cant be judged and stopped , under the international law tribunes ?
Photo by Rafael Ben-Ari/Chameleons Eye.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

UE, Rusia, EE.UU. and ONU claim to cease fire between Israel and Palestine

The good new is that the nations UE, Rusia, EE.UU.and ONU are agreed to cease fire , France sent a proposal to Israel and they have the intention to accept it , (for 48 hours for Humanitarian Reasons) , Tzipi Livni will be received by President Nicolas Sarkozy next thursday President Bush talked with President of Palestine Mahmud Abas, but it seems that Hamas wont accept this .
they threated for going further .
My opinion is that
these extremist groups Hamas and Al-Qassam should be stopped and judged by International Organisms , they dont represent Palestine Goverment , and what they are causing has not legitimate rational rights . Hope this stop now in behalf of both countries .
(A Palestinian girl waches a traditional dance performed as part of summer school activities in Gaza, Palestine. )

Conflict Israel and Palestine

By T.D. Tourney ©
My Opinion on the Israeli Conflict "The Totality of the Circumstances"

To understand the issues we would have to discuss the "Totality of the Circumstances" in a fair and impartial platform. The ongoing resistance and constant terrorist tactics that we see today coming from the Gaza and West Bank are just a continuation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). 1970 sparked the "Black September" attempted Coup d'etat and assassination attempt of King Hussein of Jordan. King Hussein responded by expelling the PLO from his nation.
Essentially pushing the PLO like corralled cattle between the borders of Israel and Jordan into the Beqaa Valley and southern Lebanon.
By 1975 the Palestinian ex patriots expelled from Jordan were numbered to be 300,000. In 1981 the Lebanese civil war and uprising erupted fostered by continued over the border attacks from PLO militants into Northern Israel.
This toppled by assassination attempts on Israeli Ambassadors forced the invasion and occupation of southern Lebanon by Israeli troops. Lebanon's diplomatic government was being systematically dissected by two groups emerging from this civil war.
The PLO and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard where in the forefront, supported by radical right wing fundamentalist Islamic ideology.
The birth of these groups would eventually splinter into the Hamas (Palestinian arm of the Muslim brotherhood), and the Hezbollah, created and inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini(Islamic Revolutionary Guard).
Looking at the history of these two groups shows the direct influential involvement supporting the destruction of Israel solely by religious domination with fanatical and brutal means. It is comman knowledge that Hamas and Hezbollah were and presently funded solely by religious political influence existing in Iran, Syria and even Egypt. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard focused it's attentions towards Bachir Gemayel, president elect in Lebanon .
Gemayel met with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in September 1982 and agreed once Gemayel assumed office that he would establish positive diplomatic relations between the two countries. Thirteen days later Gemayel was assassinated sparking the Sabra and Shatila massacres by Lebanese Christian Militiamen against the Palestinians.
The assassination can only be viewed as a brilliant tactical decision by the PLO, Islamic Revolutionary Guard and splinter groups to further dissect solidarity among the Lebanese people. In direct response to the assassination President Ronald Reagan ordered US Peacekeepers into the region assisted by French paratroopers, British, and Italian military support.
The Multi-National Peacekeeping force assigned to Lebanon were to assist the newly formed and elected government of President Amine Gemayel (brother to Bachir Gemayel). In 1983 during the heat of the civil war the Islamic Revolutionary Guard carried out a coordinated two pronged attack.
The Marine barracks bombing killed 241 service members mostly made up primarily of Marines, Navy, and Army personnel. The second bombing targeted the French paratroopers killing an additional 58 French paratroopers. In response
The US and France carried out bombing raids into the Beqaa valley targeting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Positions but these have generally been viewed as responsive to the missile launches against multi national aircraft operating in the region. A planned air assault into the Beqaa Valley was coordinated in response to the suicide bombings of the Marine and French Barracks but eventually the retaliatory operation was squashed and congressional pressures in the United States ultimately dissolved any hope or attempts to avenge the deaths of the peacekeepers.
This in my opinion was the catalyst to the ongoing problems between the Israeli-Palestinian Issue. The United States should have committed 70,000 troops into the Beqaa Valley and southern Lebanon along with a uni-lateral contingent to eliminate the militants that were slowly placing a strangle hold on the Lebanese people and the newly formed democratic government. In regards to the Israeli invasion and occupation of southern only fueled the factions attempting to overpower and control the government in Lebanon.
Although I will say that without a decisive decision by world leaders Israel in many ways were never offered alternatives. Meanwhile our withdrawal only bolstered popularity and recruitment for the groups of the PLO and splinter regimes that would eventually form into Hamas and Hezbollah. I actually do not agree with Nabih Berri who was the leader of the Amal Militia who claimed the Multi National Forces created a "climate of racism" within the region.
That climate of racism was created by the political and side stepping religious factions targeting the downfall of the Lebanese government. Although the passive-aggressive posture and lack of total commitment to the Lebanese people only instilled a sense of "western-influence" and false promises as we turned our backs and walked away from the commitments we promised to the them.
The flood gates were now open for all these factions to topple any type of democracy in Lebanon and establish a well strengthened foothold and platform. Lebanon would now be considered a terrorist haven; further escalating there attacks towards the ultimate goal; the total destruction of the established nation of Israel. Another avenue of opinion we could explore is the failed embarrassment of President Jimmy Carter's foreign policy and political bargaining treaty's. Turning a blind eye to the overwhelming requests of support by the Lebanese government as the Carter administration tried to juggle the oil and gas hikes in the United States bolstered by the fear of the 4 % decrease in oil production from Iran and the repatriation of Ayatollah Khomeini.
President Carter's foreign diplomacy was weak as he took a passive approach to the intelligence provided to him withing this region. Brokered deals only caused a debacle and confused nations and leaders involved.
The "Middle East Cold War" is alive and well. The United States focusing on Israel and supporting the establishment of Israel as a sovereign nation. The United States bartering back door deals in direct support of Saddam Hussein in the Iraq-Iran War.
The USSR supporting Syria and Iran by providing huge weapons deals as well, with back door deals to further strengthen the anti Israeli terrorist groups. I really look at this as the "Middle East chess tournament".
The underhanded political plagiarism by many countries could have very well been avoided. The sense of sneaky handed deals all to avoid the real issues. The 1967 6 day War, the 1973 "Yom Kippur" War all were direct attacks to the nation of Israel.
With the outcome of both these historical attacks on Israel, the defeated nations acknowledged and negotiated terms for cease fire agreements in both campaigns. Factions which do not recognize Israel as a sovereign nation need only to confer with Syria, Egypt and Jordan. Jordan and Egypt have established solid partnerships as well as free trade and import export agreements with Israel to date. Syria is close to solidifying a relationship as well.
The United States of America and the Russian Federation both need to admit direct involvement both spilling Kerosene on a campfire already ablaze. Making spontaneous statements of condemnation as if both countries were talking to there ill mannered step-children.
No country discussed is absolved from blame in this region. Lebanon,Jordan, Syria, Iran, Egypt and even Israel need to realize the catastrophic failure if this issue cannot be resolved.
Syria, Egypt and Lebanon need to stop supporting backdoor religious fanatical faction groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.
Without worldwide unification and a decisive plan by the countries that all have satin lined pockets, we will continue placing huge wedges between the peace table. Instead lasting solutions and agreements need to be fostered.
When are we as humans going to step up and realize enough is enough!
T.D. Tourney ©

Monday, December 29, 2008

Education :Jean Piaget Society : For the study of knowledge and development.

Photo: Jean Piaget

Terrance Brown
Among the many conceits of modern thought is that philosophy, tainted as it is by subjective evaluation, is a shaky guide for human affairs. People, it is argued, are better off if they base their conduct either on know-how with its pragmatic criterion of truth or on science with its universal criterion of rational necessity. The simple fact is, however, that human intelligence is fundamentally philosophical. Subjective values were the selective principle that made the first forms of intelligence possible and, in almost every way that counts, they remain the most powerful form of intellectual selection. The problem comes when philosophical and scientific solutions are conflated, and ideas that owe their existence to subjective evaluation are put forward as scientific truths. A dramatic current example has arisen from the incestuous dealings of a motley group: neuroscience, neuropsychology, neurophysiology, psychology, neurology, psychiatry, the pharmaceutical industry, government, and the popular press. In the mythology of this consortium and, unfortunately, in the practices stemming from that mythology, it is often assumed that mind can be discovered by studying brain. Pondering this strange and dangerous development leads ineluctably to the question of reductionism in science, a topic on which Piaget shed much light with his conception of the "circle of the sciences."

Economy: Issues :Causes of Poverty

Why Poverty?
  • . because people have not chances , opportunities to get a job ?
  • .are people trained enough to get new chances ?
  • .the demand of job is too higher to the offer ?
  • .Have they been lazy, made poor decisions, and been solely responsible for their plight?
may reasons we could ask , research and complain
one question is : are people really ready for working ?
if it is , comapanies couldnt create new programs to hire people by training and also create new areas of development, instead of reducing costs , can companies get plans to hire and keep jobs giving better conditons ?
the answer is , are companies profitable emough , are they able to develop a market of genuine incoming , access to different areas that increase revenues ?

Structural adjustament: Reengineering - Auditing . and develop new economic projects .
Training - Human Resources , specializing adjusting to the real need of companies .
the effect of taxes , that these companies that could be in the program of reactivation , could have exceptions on taxes and a plan of incentivation .
Healthcare program: Universal , Public, and new strategies that every person has the right of a good healthcare attention , access to medication , and check in , hospitals , and support .

We start a campaign for workers :
I want to get a Job
for companies addressing into the program : Companies providing opportunities of Jobs
only you have to send an email then we start to contact , this is with non profits , not other interest to create a model that contribute to empower human resources , and productivity of companies .
be part of the change , wherever you live , just give you an opportunity if you really want to work with dignity conditions .
Remember part of everything is the Training -Education program for working better need to learn always .
Best Regards

Anup Shah, Causes of Poverty,, Last updated: Saturday, December 27, 2008Y


by Zoomwsu

One thing that is important to recognize is that there will always be deadbeats--people who are either uncapable or unwilling to be productive. It's always easy to say "if only education was better..." or "if only there were more jobs...", but the problem is much more complex than that.

It's true that external factors influence poverty, but it's also often true that the source of poverty is found in the person who is impoverished. I think we all know people who aren't making much of themselves, and for whom it would be silly to attribute their poverty to anything other than their own drive and determination.

At least here in America, if you work hard and smart enough, you can climb out of poverty. I don't know if other societies have that kind of mobility, though.


United States : a perspective of "homeless Czar"
by "T.D. Tourney

First, we would have to look back to the early 80's in this country. Everyone remembers this time. When the looming Darth Vader and the Death Star was hovering over the United States with the threat of nuclear obliteration 17 times over? Yes, the Soviet Union was the nightly news at the dinner table. During this time economic struggles were being stretched to the limit as well. Skyrocketing inflation, over the top budgets statewide as well as nationally. The solution at the time? Defense spending! We altered all programs and plans to support the nuclear arms race. We adjusted the playing field and built up our military infrastructure like never before. The outcome of this strategy? We cut costs in places that neither would not or could not be profitable to the country. Mental Institutions were closed down. Homeless shelters were locked. The end result was people that were homeless and suffered mental illness issues were thrown to the street. Meanwhile the nuclear arms race moved forward and programs for the needy and homeless were basically turned over to non-profit foundations to establish homeless shelters and programs that were non-taxable. Hundred of non -profit foundations sprouted up to support the overwhelming need to provide basic care and essential needs for homeless throughout the nation and the world. Many foundations funded by American donations fed and sponsored many countries and individual emergencies that sprouted up throughout the years. Today, with the near collapse of the stock market, the looming recession/depression combined with the numerous bailouts of banks, the auto industry and lets not forget those lovely credit card companies, those excellent non-profit foundations have came to a screeching halt. Tens of thousands of family's have been foreclosed on and are now literally homeless as well. The domino effect in my opinion started as far back as the early 80's. With the de-regulation of many standards and rules and procedures in many oriented professions including the banking, home loan and credit card companies. Allowing exorbitant interest rates on credit cards, "used car salesman" tactics with home loans on purchasers that financially could never feasibly pay, get rich quick schemes that toppled the home loan market sending numerous companies into bankruptcy and early 26 million dollar settlements to CEO's that actually bankrupted the companies being bought. These are just some of the examples of the current pattern and standards that our country has lowered ourselves to become. Pure simple greed and proliferation of monies selecting who should be granted the "American Way" was not the standards and morale obligations that our forefathers struggled, fought and finally envisioned this country to become. Looking at the big picture of the entire homeless situation of this nation and the world is dependent on the ability of regulations and strict policies being imposed on banks, mortgage companies, and credit card companies. If we the people are charged with the payoffs of all these companies to insure our economic stability remains balanced then wouldn't it be prudent and forthcoming for us to demand strict policies that force fair and equal investing practices shall be enforced? To demand this from our government is not only needed but should be imperative in the minds of our State Senators and Representatives. If our politicians do not take this stand we are only left with the assumption that they too are only part of the problem and spend far too much time at the gold clubs and social engagements put on by the very companies that have needed the hundreds of billions of taxpaying dollars to rebirth the economy. I would recommend the implementation of a mandatory percentage from each new home mortgage approved. Banks and home mortgage companies would pay an imposed financial tax. Creating a presidential appointed "Homeless Czar" to implement, establish and create a fund to cure the homeless and mentally ill citizens sleeping on the streets of this country. This suggestion of course would be a tax write off to the banking institutions as well. We cannot combat world hunger without first setting the fracture from within this country first.
"T.D. Tourney

Economy in US-Causes & Projections

By Scott Lee

The current economic recession in the US was predicted by many, but few paid attention. Now that even the Government has been forced to admit as much, many are asking what could have caused it.

Years after Free trade agreements have been implemented, we can now see the cost. The US economy has shed millions manufacturing and non manufacturing of jobs over the last 10 years. An economy once known as a great manufacturing nation, has been turned into a predominately service based economy. With an ever increasing number of those jobs now being exported. This along with the influx of millions of illegal immigrants to the US, has made it increasingly difficult for many Americans to replace the jobs they've lost.

Another contributing factor was the Federal Reserves policy under Alan Greenspan of creating artificially low interest rates from 2002-2006 and continuing under Ben Bernake . Low interest rates along with lax lending policy's enabled many Americans who normally would not have qualified for home loans to receive them. These loans have become known as sub-prime loans that were then packaged as Credit Default Swaps (CDS) and/or legitimate AAA rated investments. These over rated investments were then sold to foreign investors. Now that many sub-prime loans are in default, mortgage lenders and financial institutions have requested Government assistance in order to avoid bankruptcy. These risky investments have also aided in this economic crisis becoming a global one. This has even affected the insurance industry with AIG being the prime issuer of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) who also has requested $85 billion in Govt. loans.

This is just a few contributing factors as to why the economy is now mired in a severe recession. Many top economist are still warning the worst maybe yet to come. With the retail industry just completing its worst shopping season in recent memory. Several retail chains will likely be forced to close 1000's of less profitable outlets after the first of the year as the economy continues to shed job.

Had the current administration and congress chosen a more logical solution, similar to that of Australia. Who upon passing a $10 billion bailout of its own. Are actually giving the bailout cash to its citizens. Unlike the Federal Reserve who is acting without oversite in hopes the trickle down theory is the correct solution. With banks apperantly hording the bailout cash and not freeing up the credit markets. The bailout as structured will have little affect on the economy as a whole.

Had the Government bailed out Main street instead of Wall Street. The economy may well be on the road to recovery. If each citizen or married person would have received a check of approximately $25,000. That money would have been deposited into the banks, that would have freed up the credit markets. And as that money was spent it would have also boosted the economy.

However, this administration seems to have embarked on a path similar to that which lead to recession and economic collapse in Japan in the 1980's and Argentina in 2000. Who will be next to get in line for a bailout and when will enough be enough. This appears to have become an attempt to nationalize and consolidate industry's at the taxpayers expense.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Technology Development

Why IBM servers

IBM offers proven hardware that drives real results for every–sized business. IBM servers and systems deliver leading–edge technology developed with an eye toward recognized industry standards.

IBM BladeCenter® blade servers support a wide selection of processor technologies and operating systems to allow clients to run all of their diverse workloads inside a single architecture. Reduce complexity, improve systems management, and increase energy efficiency while driving down total cost of ownership.

IBM System Cluster 1350

Reduced time to deployment

IBM high-performance computing (HPC) clustered solutions offer significant price/performance advantages for many high-performance workloads by harnessing the advantages of low-cost servers plus innovative, easily available, open source and commercially available software.

Today, some businesses are using their own resources to build Linux and Windows clusters using commodity hardware, standard interconnects and networking technology; open source software; and in-house or third-party applications. Any savings realized from a potentially lower acquisition cost offered by these systems is offset by the expense and complexity of assembling, integrating, testing and managing these clusters from disparate, piece-part components.

IBM has designed the IBM System Cluster 1350 to help address these challenges. Our clients benefit from IBM’s extensive experience with HPC to help minimize complexity and risk. Using advanced Intel® Xeon®, AMD™ Opteron™ and IBM POWER6™-based server nodes, proven cluster management software, and optional high-speed interconnects, the Cluster 1350 offers the best of IBM and third-party technologies. As a result, clients can speed up installation of an HPC cluster, simplify its management and support, and reduce mean time to payback.

The Cluster 1350 is designed to be an ideal solution for a broad range of application environments, including industrial design and manufacturing, financial services, life sciences, government and education. These environments typically require excellent price/performance for handling HPC and business-performance computing workloads. It is also an excellent choice for applications that require horizontal scaling capabilities, such as Web serving and collaboration

IBM server virtualization with System x and BladeCenter

With virtualization, new workloads do not have to mean new servers. IBM® virtualization is a critical component of the new enterprise data center, IBM's model for efficient IT delivery that helps provide the freedom to drive real business innovation. IBM System x™ and BladeCenter® virtualization solutions can help you meet your dynamic business needs with:

  • Increased server utilization
  • Reduced system management complexity
  • Lower power and cooling costs
  • Reduced demand for data center floor space
  • Lower IT total cost of ownership

Enhanced with IBM X-Architecture® innovation, System x enterprise, rack and tower servers and BladeCenter blade servers offer flexible configurations equipped with enhanced memory, high-speed I/O and industry-leading availability and reliability features. A combination designed to help reduce operating costs, simplify management and keep your virtualized infrastructure up and running.

Technology Development

Indra is now the reference Spanish company in Information Technologies, and comprises over 23,000 professionals with profound knowledge of the technology and the business of the company’s clients. On the path to this success, the company has achieved different milestones that have gone to shape its history, which has run parallel to the technological development of our country.

During the period 2000-2005, Indra experienced strong growth above the sector average, thanks to a differential business model and a greater presence on the international markets supported by the creation of subsidiaries in countries such as the United States, China, Portugal and Brazil, among others.

In 2006 Indra purchases successfully Azertia and Soluziona bussines.

Azertia was created in 2001, as an Information Technologies subsidiary of Corporación IBV (half owned by Iberdrola and BBVA) as a result of the integration of Centrisa, Keon and Teleinformática. Afterwards, Azertia became a larger company with the integration of KRISTINA and SEINTEX, Euroquality, Socintec and Dimensión Informática.

The beginnings of Soluziona date back to 80’s, when Union Fenosa created a series of professional services companies with the aim of using the company’s knowledge and expertise. In 2000, this group of companies is constituted as Soluziona, a company that brings 20 years of experience in National and international markets, deep know-how in the Utilities and Telecommunications sectors as well as in other business areas.

In 2007, we created Indra BMB, a new company of 100% parent capital, which brings together all the BPO activities of the ex-BMB (acquired in march 2007), Indra, Azertia and Soluziona. Indra is the indisputable leader of BPO activity in the financial sector, with mortgage processing and back office banking services.

Indra to provide France with tactical satcom systems for euros 3,9 M
The systems are transportable and expeditious and use Syracuse III satellite network for communications
Indra, the premier IT company in Spain and a leading IT multinational in Europe was awarded the contract to provide the French Ministry of Defence with 25 mobile tactical satcom systems which will be connected to the two-satellite constellation. The network allows solid and safe communication between France and forces deployed across the planet. The contract, which amounts to euros 3,9 M was awarded by Thales Alenia Space and is to be concluded within a year.
One of the main advantages of the systems lies in the possibility of using either military or civil frequency bands. Besides this, the systems are transportable and easy to deploy and to take down; it would only take two operators to have them ready in 15 minutes.

Each one of the tactical communication systems is equipped with the necessary subsystems that position them in the right direction to make contact with the satellites. The systems are provided with GPS, spectrum analysers, inclinometers and anemometers for backup. The Syracuse III satellite system is regarded as the communications centre of the French Army and was designed to be difficult to interfere with.

The systems to be delivered by Indra are built to establish voice and data bidirectional communications at 2Mbps. This speed is one of the highest to be found among this type of satellites and shows Indra’s capability to develop customised solutions for cutting-edge technology projects.

Indra is the premier Information Technology company in Spain and a leading IT multinational in Europe and Latin America. It is ranked as the second European company in its sector according to stock market capitalisation, and also the second Spanish company with the most investment in R&D. In 2007, revenues reached € 2,167 M, of which a third came from the international market. The company employs more than 24,000 professionals and has clients in more than 90 countries

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your JOY."

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount.

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
no disease that enough love will not heal;
no door that enough love will not open;
no gulf that enough love will not bridge;
no wall that enough love will not throw down;
no sin that enough love will not redeem...
It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble;
how hopeless the outlook; how muddled the tangle; how great the mistake.
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.
If only you could love enough you would be
the happiest and most powerful being in the world...
~Emmet Fox~

The spirit and determination of the people to chart their own destiny is the greatest power for good in human affairs

To all we know and we dont , these special time of the year should remain along the year , the spirit of good will , to wish and dream , to keep the possitive hopes to any challenge and keep the courage to face day by day Only with one word ,, Love ,,,, forgiviness is the best way to express love without regrets and keep on loving keep our hearts opened to all the positives feelings and be thanked for all we got and
who are suffering , who are in need that THIS GREAT SPIRIT of JOY and Hopes brings back the strenghs and courage to believe , fight with love and illuminates your heart forever . And keep the faith that there is always a chance like a song , a word and great human people around to listen , to support and help just keepping soul opened to .

send us your wishes ,,, keep on believing !

Merry Christmas!

Gelukkig nieuwjaar en Prettige Kerstdagen..!
Froehliche Weihnachten

Hag molad sameach ve'shana tova! happy hannukah
Voglio augurarvi un Buon Natale

Feliz Natal

Joyeux Noel

C'est la belle nuit de Noël
La neige étend son manteau blanc
Et les yeux levés vers le ciel,
A genoux, les petits enfants,
Avant de fermer les paupières,
Font une dernière prière.

Petit Papa Noël
Quand tu descendras du ciel
Avec des jouets par milliers
N'oublie pas mon petit soulier

Mais, avant de partir,
Il faudra bien te couvrir
Dehors tu vas avoir si froid
C'est un peu à cause de moi

Il me tarde tant que le jour se lève
Pour voir si tu m'as apporté
Tous les beaux joujoux que je vois en rêve
Et que je t'ai commandés


Le marchand de sable est passé
Les enfants vont faire dodo
Et tu vas pouvoir commencer
Avec ta hotte sur le dos
Au son des cloches des églises
Ta distribution de surprises

Et quand tu seras sur ton beau nuage
Viens d'abord sur notre maison
Je n'ai pas été tous les jours très sage
Mais j'en demande pardon

Monday, December 22, 2008

Healthcare-Laboratories- Doctors

Healthcare is one of the big issues that the world has to deal and face, each country has their own system, regulations, interests and major needs , nothing can be compared, but i think if we rescue the big and small ones laboratories, clinics, hospitals , doctors and build up new proposal for every place, may be starting from a little examples like many has done but dont give up in the fight that all people has the right to have healthcare assistance , starting from the basis , what means a doctor call ? at any hour , how the old fashion doctor that had an universal knowledge could do allot more than the modern system called specialists , yes it is important to have areas of specialists but how people feel isolated to jump from one to other , how they are able to know they are going in the right path ? HeadDoctor, has an important role, but how much is the cost of it ? what happen with the inssurance companies ? universal system ? private system? what people say and need , and what doctors really want to develop, want to give , we cant put all in the same basket, cause we see many professionals doing and giving more than the best efforts , how we can call to all who has a good will in this area can join to create new system, i prefer to say a new proposal to change and make more available the greatest benefits of Healthcare has only if there are enough Great minds with Great purposes , nothing more than Quality of life . it seems utopic , well this following examples , started with simple ideas , and have become a great challenge.
I wish you share from wherever you are your experience, personal or not , opinion , other examples that can join to a great cause Health is a priority .

Bago laboratories

The Bagó Group is one of the major Argentine organizations with a strong presence in several Latin American countries.

This group comprises different companies focused on health care, and on improving life quality, as well as providing high tech services in strategic areas. The Bagó Group has prioritised excellence, quality and productivity, thus strengthening a corporation structure with high levels of efficiency and management. At present, and as a result of this policy, all of our companies have achieved a leading position in the markets where they have established.

Laboratorios Medipharma

Since their beginnings in 1988, Medipharma Laboratories SA has been dedicated to development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products for human consumption, with the basic premise always being Quality.

That is why its Manufacturing Plant, Quality Control Lab, and Microbiological Control Programs have evolved continuously in accordance with the most advanced regulations regarding guarantees of Quality (GMP - Good Practices of Manufacturing) with constant ongoing effort in Investigation and Development.
Many of our products have the studies of bioequivalence approved by A.N.M.A.T
This action has been done by two decades , that allowed us become as Providers of all the big assistential centers of the country and more recently enforce in the etic market
Also we have subscribed to the agreement of Investigation and Development in the C.O.N.I.C.E.T and the La Plata National University for obtaining the main assets of the latest generation.
The pharmaceutical plant has qualified areas in accordance with the rules G.M.P. for the manufacture of different products , including the Control Quality Laboratory, provided with the last generation of equipment, allowing us to guarantee the quality and security of our products lines.
The products of Medipharma are developed under International rules, in a way guaranteed to comply with the strictest control quality requirements
Central Nervous System
Investigation and Research
Medipharma is conscious of the need to invest in Investigation and Development of new Products, that contribute to the health and quality of life. For that reason, concrete actions have been taken in that direction
In December of 2005 it was signed an agreement of investigation and development between the Cathedra of Chemical Medicine – University of Exact Sciences of La Plata –oriented t o obtain new pharmacos antiepeliptics, On the same it will done the stages of investigation design , sinthesys , evaluation pharmacologic preclinic, orientated to introduce a new medicine.

Hospital Garraham
With the inauguration of the Casa
Garrahan, children of the innercities
coming from families with low
incomes, who must be attended in
the Hospital Garrahan, Gutiérrez
or Elizalde, the three Pediatric
Hospitals in Buenos Aires, because
of different illnesses, like oncological,
cardiovascular problems
or of the necessity of a transplant, will find a
temporary substitute of their home here

Origin of the Project

When the patients from the innercities are derived toward the pediatric hospitals of Buenos Aires
to receive treatment that doesn’t demand internment, it usually happens that if their relatives don’t
have good incomes, it will not be easy for them to find lodging for mother and child.

The Foundation Hospital de Pediatría understood this necessity, and so the Project Casa Garrahan
was born. Soon after, a group of women leadered by Mrs. Cristina George de Menem begun
to work in this Project and summoned everyone in the comunity who could commit with this initiative.

The House will lodge patients between 0 and 16 years, considering the preferential pathologies
of derivation in first line. Each family group will be harbored during eight days, period that could
be extended if the treatment it demands.

Concerning pediatric health, the innercities and the city of Buenos Aires usually establish knots
of narrow dependence for the diagnosis and treatment that the complex patologies demand.In
this sense, the three hospitals for children in the Capital federal become many times derivation Centers.

It usually happens also that if patients require daily and lingering attention but no-internment,
in some opportunities, their families don’t have enough means to pay the stay and neither they find
the help easily to live worthily while the diagnosis is made,certain stage of some treatment is
surmounted, or the previous or later controls of a transplant are realized.

For many children unabled of receiving medical attention because of their lack of means,who
moreover are anguished because of their lack of harbor and in addition have to put up with
recovering health, these are frequent realities that often don’t have appropiate solutions.

The necessity to be protected is the major topic present in every dialogue between the medical
dealers and the families.

In some opportunities the expected solution is given by the houses of innercities ( casas de provincias),
the social works or their relatives with good incomes.But when it doesn’t happen this way,
a big necessity is born.

At present, less than two years of having been initiated the construction of the Casa Garrahan the
possibility to cover that necessity exists.From now on , the families that live more than a hundred
Kilometers of distance from the institution where their children receive treatment, specially for
oncological, cardiovascular illnesses or because they have the necessity of being transplanted,
but don’t require internment, they will be able to lodge gratuitously in the Casa Garrahan, that ,
because of its security and its warmth , will act as temporary substitute of their home.

In this way, it will be possible to help a significant quantity of children and their mothers to recover
from the illnesses , that demands something more than specialized medical attention.

At little time of their inauguration, Garrahan
Marries she/he offers the children and its mothers a
contention environment that for its security and its
warmth will act as temporary substitute of the
On a land given in 1994 by the Municipality of the
City of Buenos Aires, in Pichincha 1731, to only a
hundred meters of the Hospital Garrahan, from
May of 1995, 9 the work of Casano Zubillaga
Poli, Architects was summed up.

The building of 1819 m2 was built in three plants,
she/he has 30 rooms with private bathroom, three
cook dining room, also, it has a wide living room,
laundry, library, room of games, calculation room,
oratory, external patio and covered patio.
A lot of will, and also force,
required the Casa Garrahan
so that the project has become in fact.
The Foundation Hospital of expressed Pediatrics
their gratefulness once again to all the
companies and matters that made possible to
sum up this project and that so generously
they add their effort to that of this
Foundation and of the Hospital Garrahan.

The Favaloro Foundation:

Highly specialized healthcare supported

by teaching and research

The Favaloro Foundation was established in 1975

as a not-for-profit organization by René G. Favaloro

on his return from the United States, with three main goals:

providing medical care, generating scientific knowledge,

and educating health professionals.

Favaloro was following the principles of the Cleveland Clinic,

where he had worked for ten years.

There he had developed the "bypass"

or coronary artery bypass graft (CABG),

the fundamental work of his career and

a technique that changed radically the history of coronary disease.

In 1992, with a group of co-workers he created

the Institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery (ICYCC)

with the motto

"Advanced technology at the service of medical humanism" .

Today highly-specialized cardiology, cardiovascular surgery,

pulmonology, nephrology, hepatology,

immunogenetics, and cardiac, lung, liver, renal,

and bone marrow transplantation is practised.

The Favaloro University offers graduate and postgraduate

courses in medicine and engineering.

A multidisciplinary team (specialist in medicine, biology,

veterinary science,mathematics, engineering, etc.)

work in more than 30 fields of research in collaboration

with other important centers in the United States and Europe.

The achievements in medical care, teaching and research

and the quality of its services place the Favaloro Foundation

among the most prestigious health institutions in Latin America.

But above all the advances in medicine and technology,

prevails the commitment to always act in the best interest of the patient,

the only privileged one, as René Favaloro used to say.

Laboratorios RICHMOND S.A.C.I.F.

characterizes itself as follows:

We are an Argentinean Pharmaceutical Company with 72 years in the market and presence all around Latin America and in the next months in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Russia, Arab Gulf and Middle East countries. Currently we have around 120 products, corresponding to a variety of indications. At the present, HIV-AIDS, Infectology, Oncology and Oncohematology are the core lines in our Company, being considered the most comprehensive and important of the industry at a domestic level.We are very committed with quality, our Quality Policy is in accordance with international cGMP. Our Quality Management System complies with ISO 9001:2000 standards being certified by IRAM (Argentina), and internationally validated by IQNet (Switzerland).Our Company has acquired in September 2006 the local facility plant of ALTANA Laboratories (German Laboratory). We are get ready this plant with all the necessary and modern equipment so that it is in accordance with GMP, FDA,WHO,EMEA requirements. It will be in the heat of operation in a first phase with oral solid medicines (HIV/AIDS), around March 2008. We have representations in 20 countries with more than 600 registrations.


ISO 9001:2000, certified by IRAM (Argentina), GMP, internationally validated by IQNet (Switzerland)

Bayer HealthCare Worldwide

Bayer HealthCare is a globally active company with sites on all five continents. Bayer HealthCare markets products from its four divisions Animal Health, Bayer Schering Pharma, Consumer Care, Diabetes Care via regional and national distribution companies.

On the continents you will find our manufacturing and our research sites as well as the homepages in the countries.

The 2006 acquisition of Schering was the largest purchase in Bayer’s history. The takeover led to the formation of Bayer Schering Pharma, a powerful, leading company that ranks among the top ten pharmaceutical specialists in the world and holds a strong position in Biologicals.

Schering brought a comprehensive range of products that ideally complement Bayer's portfolio to the new company. Bayer Schering Pharma is concentrating on four strategic business units: Diagnostic Imaging, General Medicine, Specialty Medicine, and Women’s Healthcare.

The merger has produced a strong company with successful, well-established brands

Abbot Laboratories

We are a global, broad-based health care company devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health. Our span the continuum of care, from nutritional products and laboratory diagnostics through medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies. Our comprehensive line of products encircles life itself – addressing important health needs from infancy to the golden years.

Throughout our 120+ year history, Abbott people have been driven by a constant goal: to advance medical science to help people live healthier lives. It’s part of our heritage. And, it continues to drive our work. Today, 68,000 Abbott employees around the world share the passion for Turninng Science into Care " It's a commitment to focusing on what matters most: life and the potential it holds when we are feeling our best.

Abbott has sales, manufacturing,research and development , and distribution facilities around the world, close to where our customers need us to be. We are recognized for our global reseach and our ability to serve our customers around the world.

Abbott prides itself on being recognized as agood place to work because we strive to provide an environment that enables employees to succeed. We have received numerous local, national and international distinctions for our commitment to workplace excellence. Our programs range from award-winning health care benefits to a variety of convenience and wellness services and long-term retirement benefits.

Our commitment to improving life extends to humanitarian causes. We recognize that as a leading provider of innovative health care products, we have a unique responsibility and opportunity to ensure people have access to them – whether they are among the poor and underprivileged or are victims of natural disasters. We’re determined to do our part through creative and varied social programs

The promise of our company is in the promise that our work holds for health and for life.

Gador Laboratory

Today, Gador is ranked fourth in quantity of prescriptions and sixth in invoicing. The Pharmaceutical Industry’s audit reveals a steady growth of the company, in contrast with the industry trend, that shows a loss of the market share for many important laboratories.
Our persisting enthusiasm ever since, makes us feel proud of the present outcome.

For Gador, the word “market” embodies not only a chart with figures, but it also represents every working day of the Medical Representatives in hospitals and clinics, ranging from large cities to small town, together with the Medical Board; the meetings, congresses and events, where the science tries hard to provide new solutions to the Community’s health.

The work of every Medical Representative is supported by Gador’s industrial, administrative and commercial structure, in order to achieve the expected results. Our motto is to be “devoted to people´s health”.

Quality, price, innovative molecules as well as the established validity of the active ingredients selected by the doctors due to their effectiveness and reliability, are key factors that enable Gador to place its products in the hands of 1.5 million patients every month.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Welcome EveryOne to Speak Out

This is a little space we will share who we know and who we dont know , interacting to each other contributing in comments, messages, topics of interests that would be discussed or researched, all kind of subjects regarding to not offend and use terms out of place , just keep in a friendly way for making Communications over the world wide as this quote of Friedman says:
Communication does not depend on syntax, or eloquence, or rhetoric, or articulation but on the emotional context in which the message is being heard. People can only hear you when they are moving toward you, and they are not likely to when your words are pursuing them. Even the choices words lose their power when they are used to overpower. Attitudes are the real figures of speech.

Just think that any message you can add can be heard or read , and dont forget the world starts from oneself , so dont forget to see the mirror before speaking out and may be many thoughts that are inside come up and help you and others .

we allow english and spanish languages also french and italian .
thank you very much
Best Wishes

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