Cristina Kirchner met Fidel Castro and Raul Castro in Cuba

The President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner did the historic visit to Cuba after 23 years . She met The President of Cuba Raul Castro where they signed important bilateral agreements in different areas: Healthcare , Science , Education and agriculture, technology transfer .
She stayed 3 days at La Habana, and met Raul Castro , but before she visited the main Scientific Organism of Genetic and Biotechnology , where has been shown the production process of the vaccine againt hepatitis B among others , then she visited the plant of laboratory Labiofam and she attended the Economic Seminar about Opportunities of the Commerce , Investmens and Business between Argentina and Cuba
Then she offered a magistral class at the University of Habana, receiving a special honour and this was assisted by the cuban authorities , professors and students ,and she met argentine studends at the Latinoamerica School of Medicine (ELAM) giving a message to them
The International Commerce between Argentina and Cuba has been increased along the last 6 years 345% and the last 3 years the argentine exportation is around 100 millon dollars .

Cristina has the personal mission to bring to Argentina the Doctor of Neurology Hilda Molina is a top cuban brain surgeon prominent doctor , top researcher who desafied Fidel Castro about Healthcare system, was denied a visa at the Argentine Embassy in Havana last year. She desperately wanted to visit her grandson in Buenos Aires. fidel suspected she might not be back, and so, instead of showing the world his 'family man' "concern" about uniting families, as he pretended to do in the case of Elian, he told her no, declaring that she was a commodity product belonging to the state, and therefore could never leave the country. Shamefully, the Argentines caved in and denied her an exit visa in response to savage pressure from fidel.
She also defied fidel over stem-cell research, because she didn't want to chop up aborted babies for the research as he did. For those two unforgiveable things, fidel has made her life hell on earth for the past ten years.

Of course she can't get a job or make use of her talents anymore. All she can do is write letters now and hope one of her messages in a bottle reaches some civilization
But the goverment of Argentine support her and want to bring her back through diplomatic negotiations .

By Surprise , Cristina could meet Fidel Castro , who he received her with great welcome and she said they could talk about everything and one important topic was the opinion of Fidel about Obama,he said that the President Barack Obama seems a sincere person and with good ideas and he followed the transmission of his inauguration .
Cristina asked for not be interrupted between the 12 and 1 pm , for watching the Obama Inauguration listening his speech and the watching the ceremony that paralized the world ,after it was finished she decided to celebrate in public at the University of La Habana saying that the speech of Barack Obama confirms the good expectations he has generated and the most important that he said the world has changed and no one can ignore the changes that has been done . She expected from him a multirateral vocation and interest to dialogue opened and frankly towards LatinoAmerica .
Only Cristina Kirchner could celebrate the inauguration of new President Barack Obama in Cuba !
Yesterday , Cristina received a letter from Fidel of congratulations for the conference she did at the University of La Habana .

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