"Healthcare ; Cancer Therapy - Dr Simoncini -

"Healthcare ; Cancer Therapy - Dr Simoncini -
by Fawn

As an avid gardener, after reading this article, I was amazed at how simplistic yet complicated it was. I'm terribly curious as to how you stumbled upon this hypothesis. For years I've been spraying my indoor and outdoor plants with a mixture of baking soda water to prevent fungal outbreaks on my plants, I would have never thought of it workin along the frameworks of more complicated life.
It just goes to show how very simple things can transform into such amazing things with the connections of the human mind!!!
Very exciting stuff.....


Anonymous said…
It also goes to show us that sometimes what seems to be the more exciting choices don't always turn out to be the best.
There is a saying "KISS-keep it simple stupid" FRIZZY163

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