CEA's Shapiro says CE industry will return to revenue growth in 2010
Jan 09, 2010 01:27:47

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA, updated CES attendees on the state of the CE industry in a keynote address at the 2010 CES. Shapiro announced that the CE industry will return to revenue growth in 2010, a testament to the innovation that drives the industry and creates demand for CE products.

Shapiro spoke passionately about the need for innovation to drive the economy forward through its positive impact on consumers' lives. “Our future is bright because we are innovators. We are seeing more innovation at this show than at any show in our history,” stated Shapiro.

Shapiro also spoke about CEA's successful launch of the Innovation Movement to give a grassroots voice to the industry and to let politicians know that action taken by the government can help or hurt innovation. Shapiro also announced the launch of CE Cares, a new initiative to bring all that CEA does to protect and promote the health, safety and well-being of consumers under one umbrella; and CEA's new Consumer Technology Enthusiast membership category, which will allow consumers to join CEA for the first time.

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